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Geometry: Open Problems

Geometry Problem 1494

Geometry Problem 1494.
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Parallelogram, Midpoints, Octagon, Areas.

Dynamic Geometry 1480

Dynamic Geometry 1480.
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Japanese Theorem for Cyclic Polygon, Sangaku,  Triangulation, Non-intersecting Diagonals, Sum of Inradii, Invariant, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1475

Dynamic Geometry 1475.
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Clifford Intersecting Circles Theorem, Step-by-step Illustration, GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1473

Dynamic Geometry 1473.
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Kosnita's Theorem, Triangle, Four Circumcenters, Concurrent Line, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1471

Dynamic Geometry 1471.
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Equilateral Triangle, Inside/Outside Point, Incenters, Tangency Points, Concurrent Lines, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1470

Dynamic Geometry 1470.
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Tangential Quadrilateral, Incircles, Tangent, Parallel, Rhombus, Step-by-step Illustration.

Geometry Problem 1461

Geometry Problem 1462.
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Newton-Line, Newton-Gauss Line, Complete Quadrilateral, Midpoints of Sides and Diagonals, Collinear Points.

Geometry Problem 1460

Dynamic Geometry 1460.
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Newton-Gauss Line, Complete Quadrilateral, Midpoints of Diagonals, Collinear Points, Step-by-step Illustration using GeoGebra.

Geometry Problem 1458

Geometry Problem 1458.
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Triangle, Incircles, Excircle, Area, Step-by-step Illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1451

Dynamic Geometry 1451.
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Orthopole of a Line. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1450

Dynamic Geometry 1450.
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Ortholine, Steiner Line, Complete Quadrilateral, Collineal Orthocenters. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1449

Dynamic Geometry 1449.
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Salmon Line. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Problem 1444

Dynamic Geometry Problem 1444.
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The Asymmetric Propeller Theorem, Equilateral Triangles, Midpoints. Using GeoGebra.

Problem 1437

Geometry Problem 1437.
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Intersecting Circles, Common Tangent, Equal Product, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1435

Geometry Problem 1435.
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Circle, Diameter, Inscribed Circles, Circular Sector, Parallelogram, Parallel Lines, Tangency Points, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1434

Geometry Problem 1434.
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Equilateral Triangle, Tangent Circles, Tangent Lines, Arithmetic Mean, Measurement, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1431

Geometry Problem 1431.
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Triangle, Circumcircle, Parallel Chord, Apollonius, LLC, Congruent Angles, Poster, Conformal Mapping.

Problem 1417

Geometry Problem 1417.
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Triangle, Cevian, Circumcircle, Incenter, Perpendicular, Angle Bisector, Tangent Lines, Tangent Circles.

Problem 1401

Geometry Problem 1401.
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Right Triangle with three circles on the sides, Isosceles, Diameter, Center, Tangent, Congruence.

Problem 1396

Geometry Problem 1396.
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Triangle with three rectangles on the sides, Vertices, Perpendicular lines, Concurrency.

Problem 1388 Circle, Triangle

Geometry Problem 1385.
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Triangle, Orthocenter, Circle, Circumcircle, Angle Bisector, Midpoint, Collinear Points.

Problem 1376 Isosceles Triangle, Circle

Geometry Problem 1376.
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Isosceles Triangle, Interior Cevian, Excircles, Tangency Points, Parallel Lines.

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