Geometry Problem 1430: Regular Octagon, Area, Equivalent Figures

As shown in the figure below, ABCDEFGH is a regular octagon. Prove that the area of the red shaded region is equal to the area of the yellow shaded region.

Geometry problem 1430: Regular Octagon, Area, Equivalent Figures, Tutoring

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Geometric Art of Problem 1430: Sketching, Typography, iPad Apps

Animation of the Conformal Mapping of Problem 1430

Animation: Geometric Art: Conformal Mapping or Transformation of Problem 1430, iPad Apps, Art, SW, Tutor

Conformal Mapping

A conformal mapping or conformal transformation is a continuous mapping preserving the form of infinitesimal figures. This conformal map produces a realistic view of the original image or map. This the conformal transformation of problem1430.

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