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Octagons, Theorems and Problems - Index

Octagon Index 


Geometry Problem 1494

Geometry Problem 1494.
Parallelogram, Midpoints, Octagon, Areas.

Problem 1430

Geometry Problem 1430.
Regular Octagon, Area, Equivalent Figures, Poster, Conformal Mapping.

Problem 1392

Geometry Problem 1392.
Two Cyclic Quadrilateral, Cyclic Octagon, Circle.

Geometry problem 1325

Geometry Problem 1325.
Octagons, Midpoints, Squares, Mobile Apps, iPad.

Octagon Kaleidoscope

Octagon Kaleidoscope, iPad Apps, Mobile.

Isolines illustration: Regular polygons

Geometric Art: Isolines, Regular Polygons, Square, Octagon, Hexadecagon, Parallel Lines, Symmetry, Software

Quadrilateral, Circumcenters

Problem 583.
Quadrilateral, Diagonals, Circumcenters, Parallelogram, Octagon, Areas.

Isolines illustration: Pentagon

Geometric Art: Isolines, Polygons, Rhombus, Triangle, Octagon, Parallel Lines, Symmetry, Geometry for Kids, Sacred Geometry, Software

Octagon Word Cloud

Octagon Word Cloud. Geometry for Kids.

Regular Octagon 

Proposed Problem 287: Regular Octagon.

Octagon, Square

Proposed Problem 286: Square, Midpoints, Octagon.

Octagon for children

Octagon for Children. Video.

Elearning 161 Parallelogram and Octagon Areas

Proposed Problem 161. Parallelogram, Midpoints, Octagon, Areas.  

Viviani theorem extension, regular polygon

Proposed Problem 225. Viviani's Theorem Extension, Regular Polygon, Apothem, Distance.  

Stonehenge and Golden Rectangle

Stonehenge builders had geometry skills to rival Pythagoras. Five years of detailed research, carried out by the Oxford University landscape archaeologist Anthony Johnson, claims that Stonehenge was designed and built using advanced geometry. "The surveyors started by using a rope to create a circle, then laid out the four corners of a square on its circumference, before laying out a second similar square, thus creating an inner octagon..."

Nazca Lines and Crop Circles

Nazca Lines and Crop Circles

Looted Peru Moche Headdress Recovered in London
Octagon: F
eline sea god with octopus-like tentacles

Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

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