Geometry, Theorems and Problems

Geometry, Theorems and Problems, Methodologies, Definitions, Software

Euclidean Geometry


Circular Sector Index

Circular Sector. Index.
Theorems and Problems. 

Arbelos, Theorems and Problems Index

Arbelos, Theorems and Problems
Three tangent semicircles with collinear centers.

Archimedes Book of Lemas

Archimedes' Book of Lemmas

Lunes of Hippocrates

Lunes of Hippocrates

Intersecting Circles Index

Intersecting Circles Index.
Theorems and Problems.

Tangent Circles Index

Tangent Circles Index

Intersection of a Line with a Circle

Intersection of a Line with a Circle

Pi: Irrational Math Constant

Pi Day.
Saturday, March 14, 2009 = 3.14
It's time to get irrational. Tomorrow is Pi Day, when mathematicians will gather to celebrate the mystery of science's most famous strange number.

Macheroni Constructions Index

Mascheroni construction with compass alone. Index

Centroid of a triangle Index

Centroid /Barycenter. Index.

Circumcenter Index

Circumcenter. Index.

Incenter, Incircle, Index

Incenter. Index.

Excenter, Excircle, Index

Excenter. Index.
Excircle, Exradius.

Orthocenter Index

Orthocenter. Index.

Circumcircle Index

Circumcircle Index.

Distance between triangle centers

Distances between Triangle Centers Index.

Area of a triangle, Index

Area of a Triangle Index.

Area of a square

Area of a Square Index.

Classical Theorems

Classical Theorems.

Solid Geometry

Solid Geometry.

Mean in Geometry, Index

Mean in Geometry.

Complete list of Geometry Problems

Complete List of Go Geometry Problems.
Go Geometry Problems.

Geometry problems visual index

Geometry Problems - Visual Index.

Ten Geometry Problems, Visual Index

Ten Geometry Problems, Visual Index

Design Geometry Problems

Geometry Problems Gallery Index

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