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Archimedes' Book of Lemmas- Table of Content

Exercise your brain. Archimedes wrote the "Book of Lemmas" more than 2200 years ago. Solve these 15 high school level problems and lift up your geometry skills.

Archimedes Book of Lemas


Proposition 1.
Tangent circles and parallel diameters 

Archimedes Book of Lemmas Proposition 1

Etching and Typography of Geometry Problem 640.
Archimedes Book of Lemmas: Proposition 1
Using iPad Apps.

Proposition 2
Semicircle, diameter, tangents, secant line. 

Proposition 3
Semicircle, perpendicular to diameter, chords.

Archimedes Book of Lemmas Proposition 4

Proposition 4
Semicircles, perpendicular to diameter, Arbelos.

Archimedes Book of Lemmas Proposition 5

Proposition 5
Arbelos, Archimedean Twins, Semicircles, Circles

Archimedes Book of Lemmas Proposition 6

Proposition 6
Arbelos, Semicircles, Circle.

Proposition 7
Square and inscribed and circumscribed Circles

Proposition 8
Angle Trisection. Neusis construction.

Proposition 9.
Perpendicular chords, sum of arcs.

Proposition 10
Tangents to a circle, secant line and chords, Parallel.

Proposition 11
 Perpendicular chords  and radius, square.

Proposition 12
Semicircle, Diameter, Chords, Tangents, Perpendicular.

Proposition 13
Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular, Congruence.

Proposition 14
Salinon: Semicircles, Perpendicular, Circles, Areas.

Proposition 15
Circle, Diameter, Inscribed Regular Pentagon, Arc, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Radius

Arbelos, Theorems and Problems Index

Arbelos, Theorems and Problems
Three tangent semicircles with collinear centers.

Arbelos, Theorems and Problems Index

Geometric Art: Typography of Archimedes' Book of Lemmas

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