Geometry, Theorems and Problems

Geometry, Theorems and Problems, Methodologies, Definitions, Software

Euclidean Geometry


Word Cloud Geometry Index

Geometry Word Cloud Index.



Problemas en Espanol

Problemas Propuestos de Geometria en Espanol.



Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry Index.

Hyperbolic Geometry Index

Hyperbolic Geometry Index.

Computational Geometry Index

Computational Geometry - Index

Polyomino - Tag, Word Cloud

Polyomino Word Cloud and News.

Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

Geoboard for iPad Index

Geoboard for iPad Index.
This virtual version is an open-ended educational tool, ideal for elementary classrooms and other learning environments that use iPod Touches, iPhones, or iPads

Sacred Geometry Index

Sacred Geometry.



Kaleidoscope Index

Kaleidoscopes Index.  

Geometry Projects Index

Geometry Projects Brainstorming.

Geometric Art

Geometric Art.

Geometry for Children

Geometry for Children.

Geometry in the real world, Index

Geometry in the Real World - Index.

Ten Geometry Problems, Visual Index

Sangaku Japanese Geometry.
Seventeenth and nineteenth centuries

Solid Geometry

Dynamic Geometry.

iPad Apps Index

iPad Apps, Index.

Molecular Geometry Index

Molecular Geometry Shapes, Index

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