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Geometry Problems 161-170


Miquel's Pentagram with Dynamic Geometry. You can alter the pentagram dynamically in order to test and prove (or disproved) conjectures and gain mathematical insight that is less readily available with static drawings by hand. Requires Java Plug-in 1.3 or higher. Please be patient while the applet loads on your computer. If you are using a dial-up connection, it may take a few minutes but is well worth the wait. Cabri, GSP, Cinderella, C.a.R.

Gergonne Point Theorem

Gergonne Point Theorem. Concurrency. Interactive proof with animation.

Key concept: Ceva's Theorem.

Nagel Point Theorem. Proof.

Napoleon Theorem and Problem Index

Napoleon's theorems and problems, Index.

Napoleon's Theorem

Napoleon's Theorem. A purely geometric proof. It uses the Fermat point to prove Napoleon without transformations.

Gergonne Line

Interactive Gergonne Line and Nobbs Points. Dynamic Geometry.
Step-by-Step construction, Manipulation, and animation.

Newton's Theorem, Newton-Gauss Line: Complete quadrilateral theorem. Using TracenPoche Dynamic Geometry Software, Online Step-by-Step construction, manipulation, and animation.

Newton's Theorem: Newton's Line. Circumscribed quadrilateral, midpoints of diagonals, center of the circle inscribed.

Schiffler Point: Four Euler Lines with interactive animation and manipulation.

Euler and his beautiful and extraordinary formula that links the 5 fundamental constants in Mathematics, namely, e, i, Pi , 1 and 0, together!
Adobe Flash Animation
HTML5 Animation for iPad and Nexus

Archimedes' Book of Lemmas. Exercise your brain. Archimedes wrote the "Book of Lemmas" more than 2200 years ago. Solve these 15 high school level problems and lift up your geometry skills.


Equal Incircles Theorem.  Interactive presentation.

Seven Circles Theorem.
Step by Step illustration of this beautiful theorem.

Second Ajima-Malfatti Point
Interactive illustration.

First Ajima-Malfatti Point
Animated illustration.

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