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Geometry Problem 1453

Geometry Problem 1453.
Two Semicircles, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Concyclic Points, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1452

Dynamic Geometry 1452.
Japanese Theorem, Sangaku, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Incenter, Rectangle, Inradius. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1451

Dynamic Geometry 1451.
Orthopole of a Line. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1450

Dynamic Geometry 1450.
Ortholine, Steiner Line, Complete Quadrilateral, Collineal Orthocenters. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1449

Dynamic Geometry 1449.
Salmon Line. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Dynamic Geometry 1448

Dynamic Geometry 1448.
Simson Line. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Problem 1447

Dynamic Geometry Problem 1447.
Outer Vecten Point. Step-by-step illustration using GeoGebra.

Problem 1446

Dynamic Geometry Problem 1446.
Lemoine Line, triangle, circumcircle, tangent, collinear points. Step-by-step animation using GeoGebra.

Problem 1445

Dynamic Geometry Problem 1445.
Van Aubel's theorem, Quadrilateral and Four Squares, Centers. Step-by-step animation using GeoGebra.

Problem 1444

Dynamic Geometry Problem 1444.
The Asymmetric Propeller Theorem, Equilateral Triangles, Midpoints. Using GeoGebra.

Problem 1443

Geometry Problem 1443.
Triangle Area, Incenter, Circumcenter, 90 Degree, Perpendicular, One-third Area, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1442

Geometry Problem 1442.
Triangle, Altitudes, Orthocenter, Perpendicular, Congruent Angles, Similarity, Measurement, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1441

Geometry Problem 1441.
Intersecting Circles, Perpendicular Bisector, Parallel Lines, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1440

Geometry Problem 1440.
Intersecting Circles, Perpendicular Bisector, Collinear Points, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1439

Geometry Problem 1439.
Rectangle, Diagonal, Perpendicular, Circles, Areas, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1438

Geometry Problem 1438.
Triangle, Incenter, Centroid, Circumcenter, Parallel, 90 Degree, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1437

Geometry Problem 1437.
Intersecting Circles, Common Tangent, Equal Product, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1436

Geometry Problem 1436.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Excircles, Excenters, Geometric Mean, Measurement, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1435

Geometry Problem 1435.
Circle, Diameter, Inscribed Circles, Circular Sector, Parallelogram, Parallel Lines, Tangency Points, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1434

Geometry Problem 1434.
Equilateral Triangle, Tangent Circles, Tangent Lines, Arithmetic Mean, Measurement, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1433

Geometry Problem 1433.
Tangent Circles, Diameter, Perpendicular, Midpoint, Measurement, Poster Typography, iPad Apps.

Problem 1432

Geometry Problem 1432.
Tangent Circles, Secant, Tangent Lines, Proportionality, Similarity, Poster Typography, iPad.

Problem 1431

Geometry Problem 1431.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Parallel Chord, Apollonius, LLC, Congruent Angles, Poster, Conformal Mapping.

Problem 1430

Geometry Problem 1430.
Regular Octagon, Area, Equivalent Figures, Poster, Conformal Mapping.

Problem 1429

Geometry Problem 1429.
Triangle, Median, 15-30 degree, Angle, Congruence.

Problem 1428

Geometry Problem 1428.
Intersecting Circles, Tangent Line, Triangle, Square, Area.

Problem 1427

Geometry Problem 1427.
Circle inscribed in a square, Arc, Tangent Line, Tangent Circles, Radii.

Problem 1426

Geometry Problem 1426.
Two Squares, Collinear Points, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Sum of the Areas.

Problem 1425

Geometry Problem 1425.
Two Squares, Collinear Points, Concurrent Lines.

Problem 1424

Geometry Problem 1424.
Triangle, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Area, Diagonal, Measurement.

Problem 1423

Geometry Problem 1423.
Triangle, Area, Three Equal Angles, Circumradius, Measurement.

Problem 1422

Geometry Problem 1422.
Triangle, Transversal, Cevian, Area, Measurement.

Problem 1421

Geometry Problem 1421.
Right Triangle, Incircle, Excircle, Tangent Lines, Measurement.

Problem 1420

Geometry Problem 1420.
Regular Hexagon, Inscribed Circle, Area, Tangent Circles, Tangent Line.

Problem 1411

Geometry Problem 1411.
Right Triangle, Incircle, Excircle, Tangency Points, Isosceles Right Triangle.

Problem 1401

Geometry Problem 1401.
Right Triangle with three circles on the sides, Isosceles, Diameter, Center, Tangent, Congruence.

Problem 1400

Geometry Problem 1400.
Triangle with three rectangles on the sides, Perpendicular Bisectors, Concurrency.

Problem 1391

Geometry Problem 1391.
Two Triangles, Ratio of Areas, Circumcircle.

Problem 1381 Parallelogram, Triangle, Area

Geometry Problem 1381.
Parallelogram, Exterior Point, Triangle, Area.

Equilic Quadrilateral, problem 1371

Geometry Problem 1371: Equilic Quadrilateral 5

Geometry problem 1361

Geometry Problem 1361.
Triangle, Two Nine-Point Circles, Feuerbach's Circle, Euler's Circle, Congruent Angles, Sketch, iPad Apps.

Geometry problem 1360

Geometry Problem 1360.
Triangle, Nine-Point Circle, Feuerbach's Circle, Euler's Circle, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Concyclic Points, Sketch, iPad Apps.

Geometry problem 1359

Geometry Problem 1359.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Congruent Angles, Midpoints.

Geometry problem 1358

Geometry Problem 1358.
Regular Dodecagon, Diagonals, Concurrency, Points, Lines.

Geometry problem 1357

Geometry Problem 1357.
Regular Dodecagon, Diagonals, Concurrency, Collinearity, Points, Lines.

Geometry problem 1356

Geometry Problem 1356.
Quadrilateral, Triangle, Angle, 30 Degrees, Congruence.

Geometry problem 1355

Geometry Problem 1355.
Triangle, Midpoint, Median, Circle, Chord, Equal Product of measure of segments.

Geometry problem 1354

Geometry Problem 1354.
Circle, Tangent Lines, Secant, Chord, Center, Parallel Lines.

Geometry problem 1353

Geometry Problem 1353.
Tangent Circles, Perpendicular Diameters, Congruence, 30 Degrees.

Geometry problem 1352

Geometry Problem 1352.
Rectangles, Sum of Squared Distances.

Geometry problem 1351

Geometry Problem 1351.
Two Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilaterals, Midpoints, Perpendiculars.

Geometry problem 1340

Problem 1340.
Triangle, Incenter, Concentric Circles, Isosceles Triangles, Congruence.

Geometry problem 1310

Geometry Problem 1310.
Square, Center, Right Triangle, Area, Measurement.

Geometry problem 1200

Geometry Problem 1200
Square, Right Triangle, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees, Equal Areas.

Geometry Problem 900

Geometry Problem 900
Intersecting Circles, Common External Tangent, Secant, Angle, Congruence.
GeoGebra, HTML5 Animation for Tablets.

de Gua's theorem

Geometry Problem 800
de Gua's Theorem, Pythagorean theorem in 3-D, Tetrahedron, Cubic Vertex, Triangular Pyramid, Apex, Height, Right Triangle Area, Base Area, Projected Area.

Equilateral triangle, Circle

Geometry Problem 700.
Equilateral Triangle, Circle, Circular Segment, Midpoint of a side, Metric Relations.

Circle Area, Tangent

Geometry Problem 600
Circle, Area, Tangent, Semicircle, Tangency Point.

Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular

Geometry Problem 500.
Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular, Measure.

Triangle, Angle Bisector, Circumcircle

Geometry Problem 400.
Triangle, Angle bisector, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, Congruence.

Problem: Tangent to a circle

Geometry Problem 300.
Tangents to a circle, Secants, Square.

Elearning 200: Right Triangle

Geometry Problem 200.
RightTriangle, Incircle, Excircles, Points of Tangency, Inradius.

Circle area problem. Elearning 100

Geometry Problem 100.
Circle Area, Archimedes' Book of Lemmas.

Triangle, median, angles, degree

Geometry Problem 1.
Triangle, median, angles, 45 degrees.

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