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Geometry from the Land of the Incas is a free educational website, aimed mainly at high school and college students with the goal of raising interest in Euclidean geometry. Antonio Gutierrez.

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Geometry Problem 1486

Geometry Problem 1486.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Incircle, Tangent, Measurement.

Geometry Problem 1485

Geometry Problem 1485.
Triangle, Orthocenter, Altitude, Circle, Diameter, Tangent, Measurement.

Geometry Problem 1484

Geometry Problem 1484.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Incircles, Inradius, Measurement.

Dynamic Geometry 1483

Geometry Problem 1483.
Isosceles Right Triangle, Excenter, Perpendicular, Measurement.

Dynamic Geometry 1482

Geometry Problem 1482.
Right Triangle, Perpendicular, Double Angle, Measurement.

Dynamic Geometry 1481

Dynamic Geometry 1481.
Five Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilaterals, Pitot Theorem, Congruence, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1480

Dynamic Geometry 1480.
Japanese Theorem for Cyclic Polygon, Sangaku, Triangulation, Non-intersecting Diagonals, Sum of Inradii, Invariant, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1479

Dynamic Geometry 1479.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Angle Bisector, Perpendicular Bisector, Chord, Concyclic Points, Parallel Lines,, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1478

Dynamic Geometry 1478.
Cyclocevian, Reuschle-Terquem Theorem, Concurrent Cevians, Triangle, Circumcircle, Secant line, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1477

Dynamic Geometry 1477.
Miquel's Pentagram Theorem, Pentagon, Triangle, Circumcircles, Concyclic Points, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1476

Dynamic Geometry 1476.
Droz-Farny Line Theorem, Triangle, Orthocenter, Perpendicular, Collinear Midpoints, Step-by-step Illustration. GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1475

Dynamic Geometry 1475.
Clifford Intersecting Circles Theorem, Step-by-step Illustration, GeoGebra, iPad.

Dynamic Geometry 1474

Dynamic Geometry 1474.
Butterfly Theorem, Circle, Chords, Midpoints, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1473

Dynamic Geometry 1473.
Kosnita's Theorem, Triangle, Four Circumcenters, Concurrent Line, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1472

Dynamic Geometry 1472.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Perpendicular Diagonals, Rectangle, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1471

Dynamic Geometry 1471.
Equilateral Triangle, Inside/Outside Point, Incenters, Tangency Points, Concurrent Lines, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1470

Dynamic Geometry 1470.
Tangential Quadrilateral, Incircles, Tangent, Parallel, Rhombus, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1469

Dynamic Geometry 1469.
Triangle, Circumradius, Inradius, Midpoints, Arcs, Sum of Distances, Step-by-step Illustration.

Dynamic Geometry 1468

Dynamic Geometry 1468.
Steiner's Theorem, Triangle, Circumradius, Inradius, Sum of Exradii, Step-by-step Illustration.

Geometry Problem 1467

Geometry Problem 1467.
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Area.

Geometry Problem 1466

Geometry Problem 1466.
Tangential Quadrilateral, Newton Line, Incenter, Midpoint, Diagonal, Collinear Points. Step-by-step Illustration using GeoGebra.

Geometry Problem 1465

Geometry Problem 1465.
Tangential Quadrilateral, Incenter, Inscribed Circle, Equal Sum of Areas. Step-by-step Illustration using GeoGebra.

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