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iPad Apps Index

Affinity Photo for iPad Mind Map

Affinity Photo for iPad Mind Map.

Etching of the Taj Mahal

Etching of the Taj Mahal.
Using iPad Apps.

Art typography Geometry Problem 1099

Art and typography of Geometry Problem 1099.
Using iPad Apps.

String art 20

String Art 20: Bézier curves, Geometric Design, Pattern, Symmetry, Software, Stitch, iPad

Art of Geometry problems, Visual Index 1

Geometric Art of Visual Index 1.

Art and typography of problem 697

Art and typography of Geometry Problem 697.

Typography of problem 970

Typography of Geometry Problem 970: Equilateral Triangle, Circle using iPad Apps.

Octagon Kaleidoscope

Geometric Art: Hexagon Kaleidoscope, Circular and Triangular Composition, iPad Apps, Mobile.

Art of Geometry Problem 1038

Art of Geometry Problem 1038.
Using iPad Apps.

Art of Equal Incircles theorem

Geometric Art of Equal Incircles theorem using iPad Apps.

Art of problem 1085

Geometric Art of Problem 1085.

Geometric art of Lunes of Hippocrates

Geometric Art of Lunes of Hippocrates 1, Lunes of Alhazen.

iPad Apps: Squares, Fluid Animation, Navier-Stokes equations, Kaleidoscope, Deform around Spiral

Geometric Art: iPad Apps
Squares, Fluid Animation, Navier-Stokes equations, Kaleidoscope, Deform around Spiral.

Typography of Geometry problem 1241

Typography of problem 1241 using iPad Apps.

Hyperbolic Kaleidoscope of Problem 1338

Hyperbolic Kaleidoscope of Problem 1338.

Geometry problem 1338

Art of Problem 1338 using iPad Apps .
Four Squares, Diagonals, iPad Apps, Mobile.

Typography of Geometry problem 53 angle bisector

Typography of Problem 53: Angle bisector, circles

iPad Series and Models Mind Map

iPad Series and Models (2010 - 2017) Mind Map.

Art of Ceva's theorem iPad Apps

Art of Ceva's Theorem.
Mobile Apps, iPad.

Art of problem 501 using iPad Apps

Geometric Art of Problem 501 using Mobile Apps.

rt of Problem 1290, iPad Apps

Art of Problem 1290, Triangle, Angle Bisector, Median, Parallel, iPad Apps.

OpEvol for iPad

iPad Apps: OpEvol, inspired by Op Art of the 60s.

Trimaginator for iPad

iPad Apps: Trimaginator, Index

Sketch Geometry problems Art

Geometry Art, Problems : - Pencil Sketch & Drawing.

Geometric Art, Tablet Apps Index

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps Index.

Software: Apple Index

Software: Apple, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Index

Geoboard for iPad Index

Geoboard for iPad Index.
This virtual version is an open-ended educational tool, ideal for elementary classrooms and other learning environments that use iPod Touches, iPhones, or iPads

Prism HD for iPad

iPad Apps: Prism HD Index.
Exploration of real light shining through glass prisms.

iPad Apps: Geometry Designer Geometry Software

Geometry Designer for iPad, iPhone, iPod - Index
Dynamic Geometry.

PicSketch, Photo Filter Effects for iPad

iPad Apps: PicSketch - Pencil Sketch & Drawing Photo Filter Effects, Index

Sandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510) - Index

Sandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510) - Index.
HTML 5 Animation for iPad

Moire Toy for iPad

Moire Toy for iPad, Moire Pattern, Index

Art Problem 1377 Isosceles Triangle

Art of Problem 1377.

Adobe Slate for iPad, a Visual Storytelling. Geometry Problems 1-10.

Adobe Slate for iPad, a Visual Storytelling. Geometry Problems 1-10.

Art: Dodecagon and Pentagon, Mobile Apps

Geometric Art: Decagon and Pentagon, Mobile Apps.

Sketch of problem 592 Mobile Apps

Sketch of Geometry Problem 592. Mobile Apps.

Kaleidoscope of Problem 1318 Mobile Apps

Kaleidoscope of Geometry Problem 1318. Mobile Apps.

Geometry problem 1325

Geometry Problem 1325.
Octagons, Midpoints, Squares, Mobile Apps, iPad.

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