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Geometric Art: abstract art based on bold geometric shapes, forms & patterns

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Geometric Art

Etching of the Taj Mahal

Etching of the Taj Mahal.
Using iPad Apps.

Problem 1373 Isosceles Triangle, Altitude

Typography art of Problem 1373.

Art of Geometry problems, Visual Index 1

Geometric Art of Visual Index 1

String art 20

String Art 20: Bézier curves, Geometric Design, Pattern, Symmetry, Software, Stitch, iPad

Typography of problem 186

Typography and Sketch of Problem 186.

Kaleidoscope, Circular Composition

Kaleidoscope, Circular and Triangular Composition, iPad Apps, Mobile.

Geometric Art: Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Stereographic Projection using iPad Apps.

HTML5 and Geometry, Halloween theme

HTML5 and Dynamic Geometry.

Art of problem 467

Geometric Art of Problem 467.
Concentric Circles 

Art of Equal Incircles theorem

Geometric Art of Equal Incircles theorem. using iPad Apps.

Art of problem 1085

Geometric Art of Problem 1085.

Art of Ceva's theorem iPad Apps

Art of Ceva's Theorem.
Mobile Apps, iPad.

Kaleidoscope Problem 1341 Poincare Disk Model

Hyperbolic Kaleidoscope of Problem 1341.

iPad Apps: Squares, Fluid Animation, Navier-Stokes equations, Kaleidoscope, Deform around Spiral

Geometric Art: iPad Apps
Squares, Fluid Animation, Navier-Stokes equations, Kaleidoscope, Deform around Spiral.

Geometry problem 1338

Art of Problem 1338.
Four Squares, Diagonals, iPad Apps, Mobile.

Geometry problem 1325

Geometry Problem 1325.
Octagons, Midpoints, Squares, Mobile Apps, iPad.

Artwork of Problem 1290

Sketch of Problem 1290, Triangle, Internal Angle Bisector, Median, Parallel, Typography, iPad Apps.

String Art index

String Art, Geometric Patterns, Bezier Curves, Symmetry - Index.
The line gets a lot of attention, with wire and string art.

Geometric Art, Tablet Apps Index

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps Index.

Isolines: Celtic Maze

Geometric Art: Isolines, Celtic Maze, Spiral Pattern, Geometry for Kids, Software, iPad, Parallel Lines

Geometric Art 004

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps 4, Software, iPad, Point, Line, Plane.

Kaleidoscope of Problem 514 Poincare Disk Model

Kaleidoscope of Problem 1157 based on Poincare Disk Model.

Isolines illustration: Regular polygons

Geometric Art: Isolines, Regular Polygons, Square, Octagon, Hexadecagon, Parallel Lines, Symmetry, Software

Geometric Art 001

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps 001, Software, iPad, Point, Line, Plane.

Isolines, Geometric Art Index

Isolines, Contour Lines, Geometric Art, Index.

Hyperbolic Kaleidoscope of Problem 1338

Hyperbolic Kaleidoscope of Problem 1338.

Geometric Art: Square, Rhombus, Symmetry, Software 

Geometric Art: Square, Rhombus, Symmetry, Software.

Piero di Cosimo (1462 - 1522), Italian Renaissance Painter - Index

Piero di Cosimo (1462 - 1522), Italian Renaissance Painter.

Paolo Uccello (1397 - 1475), Italian Painter and Mathematician - Index

Paolo Uccello (1397 - 1475), Italian Painter and Mathematician - Index.
HTML 5 Animation for iPad

Sketch Geometry problems Art

Geometry Art, Problems : - Pencil Sketch & Drawing.

Golden Rectangles Index

Golden Rectangles.

iOrnament for iPad

iPad Apps: iOrnament by science-to-touch.
The Art of Symmetry according to the rules of the 17 crystallographic wallpaper groups.

Albrecht Durer, Index

Albrecht Durer Index

Lorenz Stoer, 'Geometria et perspectiva', 1567, Index, Selective Colorization

Lorenz Stoer, "Geometria et perspectiva", 1567, Index, Selective Colorization.

Chartres Cathedral, Index

Chartres Cathedral Index

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