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Machu Picchu and the Intihuatana Stone

Typography of problem 321

Typography of Problem 321 using iPad Apps.

Typography of problem 970

Typography of Geometry Problem 970: Equilateral Triangle, Circle using iPad Apps.

Santorini, Greece, Stereographic Projection

Santorini (Saint Irene), Thera, Thira, Greece, Stereographic Projection.

Augmented Reality AR of problem 127

Augmented Reality (AR), Geometric Art of Problem 127 using iPad Pro Apps.
Centroid, Incenter.

Geometric art of Lunes of Hippocrates

Geometric Art of Lunes of Hippocrates 1, Lunes of Alhazen.

Inca Tocapu

Inca Tocapu 1 Kaleidoscope.

Taj Mahal Geometry Shapes

Taj Mahal & Geometry Shapes.

Geometric Art: Kaleidoscope of Machu Picchu. iPad Apps

Geometric Art: Kaleidoscope of Machu Picchu. iPad Apps.

Sacred Geometry: Labyrinth

Theseus and the Minotaur Labyrinth. Golden Rectangles.

Geometric Art using Mobile Apps 9

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps, Kaleidoscope, iPad, Point, Line, Pattern.

Sacred Geometry: Mandala 

Sacred Geometry: Mandala.
Tibetan 'Five Deity Mandala', 17th Century.

String art 15

String Art 15: Bézier curves, Geometric Pattern, Symmetry, Software

Kaleidoscope of Problem 1146 Poincare Disk Model

Kaleidoscope of Problem 1146 based on Poincare Disk Model.

Light Geometry art problem 1197

Geometry Art of Problem 1197.
Four Squares, Four Triangles, Drawing, Sketch, Light, Warp Speed, Hyperdrive. Computer Tablet, iPad Apps, Software.

Kaleidoscope of problem 20. iPad Apps

Kaleidoscope of Geometry Problem 20. Mobile Apps.

Geometric Art using Mobile Apps 10

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps 10, Kaleidoscope, iPad, Point, Line, Neon.

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