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Online Math: Geometry Problem 1191: Circle, Chords, Diameter, Congruence, Midpoint, Collinearity, Bisector. Tiled background image: Sacred City of Caral-Supe. Online College, School.


As illustrated, in a circle O, chords AB, CD, and EF intersect at P so that PA = PB. FC and BA extended meet at K. ED and AB extended meet at L. EG and CH are diameters and FH and DG meet at J. Prove that (1) J, O, and P are collinear points; (2) JP is perpendicular to AB; (3) JO is the bisector of angle KJL; (4) JK = JL; (5) AK = BL; (6) KF.KC = LE.LD
See also: Art work of problem 1191.

Geometry Problem 1191: Circle, Chords. Diameter, Congruence, Midpoint, Collinearity, Bisector.


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