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Circular Sector 90 degree

Proposed Problem 181.
Circular Sector of 90 degrees, find an angle.

Overlapping circles, Angle

Proposed Problem 182. Overlapping Circles, Find an angle.

Right triangle, Hypotenuse trisection

Proposed Problem 183. Right Triangle, Hypotenuse Trisection Points, Squares of the Distances.

Elearning: Triangle, Angle

Proposed Problem 184. Triangle and Angles.

Trapezoid and triangle problem

Proposed Problem 185. Trapezoid, Triangles and Angles.

Elearning 186: Right triangle, circles

Proposed Problem 186. Right Triangle, Altitude, Incenters, Circles.

Elearning 187: Right triangle, incircles, angles

Proposed Problem 187. Right Triangle, Altitude, Incenters, Circles, Angles.

Elearning 188

Proposed Problem 188. Square, Diagonal, 45 Degrees Angle.

Elearning 189

Proposed Problem 189. Squares, Distances.

Elearning 190 tangent circles, chord, perpendicular

Proposed Problem 190. Tangent circles, Tangent chord, Perpendicular, Distance.

Geometry Problem 191 about triangle and squares

Proposed Problem 191. Triangle, Altitudes, Orthocenter, Squares, Areas.

Geometry Problem Circle, Diameter, and Chord

Proposed Problem 192. Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular, Triangle, Area.

Area of a triangle, semiperimeter, inradius

Proposed Problem 193. Area of a Triangle, Semiperimeter, Inradius.

Area of a triangle, semiperimeter, exradius

Proposed Problem 194. Area of a Triangle, Semiperimeter, Exradius.

Geometry: Triangle Area, inradius, exradii

Proposed Problem 195. Area of a Triangle, Inradius, Exradii.

Elearning 196: Inradius, Exradii

Proposed Problem 196. Triangle, Inradius and Exradii Formula.

Elearning 197: Triangle Area

Proposed Problem 197. Area of a Triangle, Side, Inradius, and Exradius.

Geometry problem about angles and triangle

Proposed Problem 198. Triangle, Quadrilateral, Angles.

Problem: Triangle, Altitude, Angles

Proposed Problem 199. Triangle, Quadrilateral, Angles.

Elearning 200: Right Triangle

Proposed Problem 200. RightTriangle, Incircle, Excircles, Points of Tangency, Inradius.

Geometry problems 201-210

Geometry problems 211-220


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