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Geometry Problems 731-740: Triangle, Circle, Quadrilateral, Parallelogram, Circumcircle, Angle Bisector, Semi-sum, Isosceles, Orthocenter, Orthic, Perpendicular, Altitude, Congruence

Geometry problems 731-740


Cyclic quadrilateral, Orthocenter, Parallelogram

Geometry Problem 731.
Cyclic quadrilateral, Triangle, Orthocenter, Altitude, Perpendicular, Parallelogram.

Orthic triangle, Orthocenter, Congruence

Geometry Problem 732.
Triangle, Altitude, Orthic Triangle, Orthocenter, Congruence, Parallelogram.

Triangle, Orthocenter, Line Reflection, Concurrency

Geometry Problem 733.
Triangle, Orthocenter, Altitude, Reflection in a line, Circumcircle, Concurrency.

Triangle, Median, Isosceles, Congruence, Parallel

Geometry Problem 734.
Triangle, Isosceles, Median, Parallel, Angle Bisector, Congruence, Midpoint.

Orthic triangle, geometry problem

Geometry Problem 735.
Triangle, Altitude, Perpendicular, Semiperimeter of the Orthic Triangle, Congruence.

Triangle, Altitude, Angle, geometry problem

Geometry Problem 736.
Triangle, Altitude, Perpendicular, Angles, Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Cyclic quadrilateral, tangent, perpendicular

Geometry Problem 737.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Circumscribed Circle, Diameter, Tangent, Perpendicular.

Intersecting Circles, Concyclic points

Geometry Problem 738.
Intersecting Circles, External Common Tangent, Common Chord, Secant, Circumcircle, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Concyclic Points.

Triangle, Double Angle

Geometry Problem 739.
Triangle, Double Angle, External Angle Bisector. Congruence.

Scalene, Isosceles Triangle, Angles

Geometry Problem 740.
Scalene Triangle, Angle, Semi-sum, Cevian, Isosceles Triangle.

Geometry problems 741-750

Geometry problems 721-730


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