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Inca Geometry Index 5

Nazca Lines in the News


Machu Picchu and Sierpinski Triangle.
Tunnel illustration.

Lake Titicaca and the Inca Manco Capac


The Quipu, The Pre-Inca Data Structure.


The Quipu, Caral: Ancient City.

The Nazca Lines An enigma of archeology.

La Punta, Malecon Pardo

La Punta, Callao, Peru, Plaza Matriz, Main Square - Stereographic Projection.

Nazca Lines: the Hummingbird Size comparison with the Empire State Building

Nazca Lines: The Monkey.

Nazca Lines and Maria Reiche. Mystery on the Desert. Animation.


The Lord of Sipan.

Sipan and Geometric Art

The Lord of Sipan and Geometric Art.


The Lord of Sipan and Pre Inca Spiderman, Gold Neckle.


Pre-Inca Sican treasures of Peru's Pomac Forest
Pre-Inca burial site found.

Looted Peru Moche Headdress Recovered in London

Peru opens Caral ruins to tourists

Caral: the oldest civilization in the New World

Inca Music El Condor Pasa.

The Incas and their Civilization


The Incas and Architecture


The Incas and Civil Engineering


The Incas and Irrigation


Faces on Mars and Earth. ESA probe confirms Face of Mars is a naturally formed hill.
Nestled in the clays of the Andes Mountains, near Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru, is the face of a man as viewed from space in Google Earth.

Pre-Inca Paracas Culture Fabrics.

Vicunas, Inca Gold of the Andes

Geometry and Cultures Gold Tumi.

Inca Quiz. Ten questions in random order.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru

Cuzco.The Stone of 12 angles 

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu and Sierpinski Triangle.

Nazca Lines: The Condor bird.


Nazca Lines: The Monkey.

Nazca Lines: The Spider.


The Lord of Sipan.

The Lord of Sipan: the Spiderman.

See also: The Incas

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