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Dynamic Geometry with Adobe Flash - Table of Content

Adobe Flash and Dynamic Geometry


Langley's Problem Adventitious angles. 20 isosceles triangle with animation.
Langley's Problem: HTML5 version

First Ajima-Malfatti Point. Step-by-step animation. Adobe Flash.
First Ajima-Malfatti Point: HTML5 version.

Second Ajima-Malfatti Point. Interactive illustration. Adobe Flash.
Second Ajima-Malfatti Point: HTML5 version.

Apollonius' Problem for Three Circles. Interactive illustration. Adobe Flash.
Apollonius' Problem for Three Circles: HTML5 version.

Equal Incircles Theorem. Interactive. Adobe Flash.
Equal Incircles Theorem: HTML5 version.

Eyeball Theorem: Animated Angle to Geometry Study.  Adobe Flash.
Eyeball Theorem: HTML5 version

Lemoine Theorem. Interactive illustration. Adobe Flash.
Lemoine Theorem: HTML5 version

Butterfly Theorem Proof. Step by step illustration
Butterfly Theorem: HTML5 version.

Miquel's Pentagram Theorem

Miquel's Pentagram Theorem Interactive proof with animation and key theorems.
Adobe Flash.
Miquel's Pentagram Theorem: HTML5 version.

Morley's Triangle & Center: with interactive animation and manipulation.
Adobe Flash.

Nagel Point Theorem. Proof.
Triangle and excircles. Animation. 
Adobe Flash.

Nine-Point Center, Nine-Point Circle, Euler Line (English version).
Circumcenter, Centroid, Orthocenter.
Adobe Flash.
Interactive illustration.
HTML5 Animation for iPad

Euler and his beautiful and extraordinary formula that links the 5 fundamental constants in Mathematics, namely, e, i, Pi , 1 and 0, together!
Adobe Flash Animation
HTML5 Animation for iPad and Nexus

Seven Circles Theorem. Animation.
Adobe Flash.

Semiperimeter and incircle

Semiperimeter and excircles of a triangle

Semiperimeter, incircle and excircles of a triangle

Gergonne Point Theorem

Gergonne Point Theorem

Ceva's Theorem

Ceva's Theorem. Concurrency. Interactive proof with animation. Key concept: Menelaus Theorem. 

Menelaus Theorem 

Menelaus' Theorem. Interactive proof with animation and key concepts..


Johnson's Theorem

Simson Line. Animation, Proof.
Adobe Flash.

Angle between two Simson Lines


Sangaku Problem

The Bevan Point

Clifford's Circle Chain Theorems

Kurschak's Tile and Theorem

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