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Sangaku, Japanese Geometry Problems

Sangaku Conformal Map Art Shibuya, Tokyo

Geometry Problem 1099

Geometry Problem 1099.
Four Circles, Common External Tangent, Common Internal Tangent, Radius, Metric Relations, Sangaku Japanese Geometry.

Geometry Problem 1093

Geometry Problem 1093.
Square, Circle, Tangent, Radius, Side, Sangaku, Japanese Geometry Problem.

Geometry Problem 1092

Geometry Problem 1092.
Equilateral Triangle, Square, Circle, Tangent, 90 Degree, Sangaku, Japanese Problem.

Geometry Problem 1081

Geometry Problem 1081.
Equilateral Triangle, Inscribed Circle, Inradius, Tangent Circles, Radius, Tangent Line, Sangaku Japanese Problem.

Geometry Problem 1080

Geometry Problem 1080.
Square, Circle, Tangent, Side, Radius, Metric Relations.

Geometry Problem 1077

Geometry Problem 1077.
Chain of Equal Tangent Circles, Circular Sector, Area, Sangaku, Sacred Geometry.

Sangaku Problem 525 sketch

Sangaku Problem 525, iPad apps.
Sangaku Japanese Geometry.

Circle with equilateral triangles

Problem 524.
Sangaku Japanese Geometry, Circle, Equilateral Triangles, Midpoint, Side, Measurement.

Three tangent circles, radius, common tangent

Sangaku Problem 41.
"Mickey Mouse." Three circles, tangents, radii.

Geometry problem 1154

Geometry Problem 1154.
Sangaku Three circles and a tangent line.

Art 1, Sangaku, Three Circles and Tangent Line

Art 1: Sangaku Three circles and a tangent line.

Sangaku Geometry Theorem: Cyclic Quadrilateral
Inradii, Rectangle.

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