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Square, Circle, Metric Relation

Geometry Problem 605
Circle, Square, Chord, Perpendicular, Circular Segment, Metric Relations.

Cyclic quadrilateral, Incenter, Excenter

Geometry Problem 601
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Incenter, Excenter, Rectangle.

Circle Area, Tangent

Geometry Problem 600
Circle, Area, Tangent, Semicircle, Tangency Point.

Triangle, Incircle, Inradius, Midpoint, Concurrency

Geometry Problem 592.
Triangle, Incenter, Incircle, Tangency Point, Midpoints, Concurrent Lines, Congruence.

Triangle, Incenter

Geometry Problem 587.
Triangle, Incenter, Incircle, Tangency Point, Midpoint, Distance, Half the Difference.

Isosceles triangle, Circle

Problem 577.
Isosceles triangle, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Concyclic points, Circle.

Math Education: Triangle, Incenter

Problem 562.
Triangle, Cevian, Incenter, Perpendicular, Concyclic Points, Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Intersecting Circles, Chord, Perpendicular 

Problem 536.
Intersecting Circles, Chord, Perpendicular.

Sawayama - Thebault Theorem

Problem 535.
Sawayama - Thebault's theorem: Triangle, Incircle, Circle, Center, Tangent, Collinear.

Problem 533: Euclid's Elements Book XIII, Proposition 10

Problem 533.
Euclid's Elements, Book XIII, Proposition 10. One page visual illustration.

Right Trapezoid, Circle, Diameter

Problem 529.
Right Trapezoid, Circle, Diameter.

Circle, Tangent, Secant, Midpoint

Problem 527.
Circle, Tangent, Secant, Chord, Midpoint, Measurement.

Equilateral triangle, Circumcircle

Problem 526.
Equilateral Triangle, Circumcircle, Chord, Measurement.

Circle, Tangent, Diameter, Radius, Congruence

Problem 525.
Circles, Diameter, Tangent, Radius, Congruence, Measurement.

Circle with equilateral triangles

Problem 524.
Circle, Equilateral Triangles, Midpoint, Side, Measurement.

Tangent Circles

Problem 523.
Tangent Circles, Diameter Perpendicular, Collinearity.

Geometry Problem: Right triangle, Circle, Tangent

Problem 522.
Right Triangle, Circle, Diameter, Tangent.

Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular

Problem 500.
Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular, Measure.

Elearn 494: Circular Sector, 90 Degrees

Problem 494.
Circular Sector, 90 Degrees, Semicircle, Chord, Parallel.

Elearn 493: Right triangle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular

Problem 493.
Right Triangle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, Chord.

Elearn 492: Quadrilateral, CIrcle, Perpendicular, Parallel

Problem 492.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Circle, Perpendicular, Side, Diagonal, Parallel.

Elearn 491: Square, Incircles, Radius, Side

Problem 491.
Square, Right Triangle, Incircle, Inscribed Circle, Radius.

Elearn 490: Circular Sector Area

Problem 490.
Tangent Circles, Arc, Radius, Circular Sector, Area.

Circle, Area, 90 Degrees

Problem 487.
Intersecting Circles, Area, Diameter, Parallel, 90 Degrees.

Tangent circles, Midpoint, Arc, Collinear

Problem 486.
Tangent circles, Chord, Arc, Midpoint, Collinearity, Congruence.

Square, Circles, Tangent

Problem 485.
Square, Side, Circles, Tangent, Radius, Measurement.

Triangle, Circumcircle, Incircle, Excircle

Problem 482.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Incenter, Excenter, Midpoint, Cyclic Points.

 Triangle, circle, angle, altitude

Problem 480.
Triangle, Circle, Center, Altitude, Angle, Circumcenter.

Triangle, Sides, Circumradius

Problem 478.
Triangle, Sides, Circumradius, Circumcenter, Circumcircle.

Triangle, Circumcenter, Angle

Problem 476.
Triangle, Circumcenter, Circumcircle, Angles.

Tangent circles, secant, parallel

Problem 475.
Tangent Circles, Secant, Tangent, Parallel.

Parallelogram, Diagonal, Circle

Problem 474.
Parallelogram, Diagonal, Circle, Vertex.

Circle, chord, congruence, angle

Proposed Problem 468.
Circle, Chord, Midpoint, Congruence, Angle.

Concentric circles

Proposed Problem 467.
Concentric Circles, Chord, Tangent, Congruence, Measurement.

Concentric circles, secant, congruence

Proposed Problem 466.
Concentric Circles, Secant, Congruence, Measurement.

Square, Arc, 90 degrees

Proposed Problem 465.
Square, Arc, Angle, 90 Degrees, Measurement.

Square, Arc, Angle

Proposed Problem 464.
Square, Arcs, Center, Angle, 90 Degrees, 120 Degrees.

Concentric Circles, Tangent, Area

Proposed Problem 463.
Three Concentric Circles, Secant, Tangent, Triangle, Area.

Square, Circle, Arc, 90 Degrees

Proposed Problem 462.
Square, Arcs, 90 Degrees, Circle, Tangent, Radius, Measurement.

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