Pythagoras and Right Triangles and Problems

Plane Geometry: Pythagoras, Right Triangle, Metric Relations

Right Triangles Theorems and Problems Index 4


Elearning 200: Right Triangle

Problem 200. RightTriangle, Incircle, Excircles, Points of Tangency, Inradius.

Elearning 187: Right triangle, incircles, angles

Problem 187. Right Triangle, Altitude, Incenters, Circles, Angles.

Elearning 186: Right triangle, circles

Problem 186. Right Triangle, Altitude, Incenters, Circles.

Right triangle, Hypotenuse trisection

Problem 183. Right Triangle, Hypotenuse Trisection Points, Squares of the Distances.

Problem 102. Elearning, Online Tutoring

Problem 102.Equilateral Triangle Area, Interior Point.

Elearning, Online Tutoring 101

Problem 101.Equilateral Triangle, Pythagorean Theorem, Angles.

Circle area and Pythagoras

Problem 99: Circle Area, General Extension to Pythagoras' Theorem.

Problem 76: Area of a Circle. Square, Circle, Circular Sector. 

Elearn 218: Right triangle

Problem 218. Right triangle, Altitude and Projections.

Elearn 217: Right triangle, Altitude, Projections

Problem 217. Right triangle, Altitude and Projections.

Problem 49. Angles and right triangle.

Sangaku Problem 41. "Mickey Mouse" shape: Three circles representing head and ears.

Triangle and Squares 19  

Problem 38.
Right Triangle, altitude, incircles, incenters, and angles.

Problem 37.
Right Triangle, altitude, incircles, incenters, and orthocenter.

Problem 36.
Right Triangle, altitude, incircles and inradii.

Problem 34.
Right triangle, cevian, incircles, tangents and inradius.

Archimedes' Book of Lemmas

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