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Mining in the World: Toquepala Copper Mine in Action - Index

Amid Andes' grasp,
Toquepala's copper mine,
Nature's hidden wealth.
Geometry reveals
Earth's treasures, vast and precise.

Toquepala Mine Index


Toquepala Mine, Blasting

Toquepala Mine in Tacna, Peru: Mining and Blasting at the Open Pit - Video.

Toquepala construction 1957 

Toquepala Construction 1957, Video.

Toquepala Mine

Maps and News: Toquepala Mine.
Explore Toquepala, Ilabaya, Tacna, Peru through detailed satellite imagery.

Open Pit Art, Toquepala Copper Mine

Toquepala Copper Mine, Tacna, Peru, Open Pit Mining Art

Toquepala, Villa Staff and Plaza

Toquepala Villa Staff and Plaza.

Toquepala city 2009

Toquepala City.
Video and Interactive Satellite Map.
Staff Office, Church, Hotel, Mercantil, Plaza, Ramon Castilla School, Airport, Apartmen buildings, Swimming pool, Colegio Americano, Clubs.

Toquepala Komatus 930E

Toquepala, Open Pit Mining Operation, Komatsu 930E.


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