Toquepala, Open Pit Mining Operation - Video and Satellite Map

Mining Operation


Toquepala, Open Pit Mining Operation, Komatsu 930E

Video Description
Komatsu 930E Toquepala. Source: lwayra

Toquepala Discovery and Exploration
Copper mining in southwestern was carried on sporadically since the end of the 19th century, and there are brief references in geographical literature of the time to copper occurrences in the general area of Toquepala and Cuajone. Narrow oxide and enriched sulfide veinlets were exploited on a very limited scale, but the desert nature and difficult accessibility of the area discouraged continued mining activities. Soon after the settlement of the border conflict between Peru and Chile in 1929, interest was renewed in the are and local residents started staking out mining claims. Prominent among these were Juan Oviedo Villegas (Toquepala) and Julio E. Gianella (Cuajone). Source: Daniel Rodriguez Hoyle in Surface mining by Bruce A. Kennedy, editor.

Toquepala is a porphyry copper deposit in the southern sierra, inland from the port of llo. It is worked as an open pit. Its existence was known for quite some years; a famous traveler of the nineteenth century, Raimondi, mentioned it.

Komatsu 930E
The Komatsu 930E is an Ultra Class off-highway hauler built by Komatsu. It is notable for being one of the largest models of trucks ever manufactured. Before 2005, when BelAZ began production of BELAZ-75600 with 320 tonne (352,600 kg, or 352.6 tons) load, this model was the biggest in capacity. Source: Wikipedia: Komatsu 930E.

Interactive Satellite Map

Explore the bullís-eye of Toquepala copper mine, Ilabaya, Tacna, Peru. Click a placemark. To Pan: click and drag or take advantage of the pan and zoom bars.


  Toquepala Komatus 930E


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