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Geometry Problems 1161 - 1170

Geometry problems 1161-1170


Geometry problem 1161

Geometry Problem 1161.
Scalene Triangle, 60 Degrees, Angle, Orthocenter, Circumcenter, Equilateral Triangle, Congruence.

Geometry problem 1162

Geometry Problem 1162.
Triangle, Congruence, Double Angle, Parallel Lines, Circle, Circumcenter.

Geometry problem 1163

Geometry Problem 1163.
Isosceles Triangle, Congruence, Double Angle, Circle, Concyclic Points, Circumcenter, Perpendicular, Angle Bisector.

Geometry problem 1164

Geometry Problem 1164.
Triangle, Angle Bisector, Cevian.

Typography of problem 1164

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Geometry problem 1165

Geometry Problem 1165.
Right Triangle, Circle, Center, Radius, Cathetus, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees, Perimeter, Metric Relations.

Typography of problem 1165

Typography of Geometry Problem 1165 using iPad Apps.

Geometry problem 1166

Geometry Problem 1166.
Triangle, Circles, Diameters, Secant, Midpoint, Congruence.

Geometry problem 1167

Geometry Problem 1167.
Triangle, Circle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees, Collinear Points.

Geometry problem 1168

Geometry Problem 1168
Construction of the Inscribed Circle of the Arbelos, Semicircles, Diameter, Circle, Triangle, Circumcircle, Tangent.

Geometry problem 1169

Geometry Problem 1169
Complete Quadrilateral, Orthocenters of the Component Triangles, Collinear Points, Ortholine, Steiner-line, Orthocentric line.

Geometry problem 1170

Geometry Problem 1170
Area of a Triangle in terms of the three sides, a-b-c.

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