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Geometry Problems 311-320: Circle, Semicircle, Chord, Diameter, Tangent, Cyclic quadrilateral,  Geometric mean, Square, Right triangle, Altitude, Collinearity, Circumcircle, Incenter, Excenter

Geometry problems 311-320


Circle, Semicircle, Chord, Diameter

Proposed Problem 311.
Circle Inscribed in a Semicircle, Chord, Diameter.

Elearning 312: Cyclic quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 312.
Cyclic quadrilateral, Side extensions, Tangents.

Circle, Chord, Tangent, Perpendicular

Proposed Problem 313.
Circle, Chord, Tangent, Perpendicular, Geometric Mean.

Tangent circles and line

Proposed Problem 314.
Tangent circles, Common external tangent line, Geometric Mean.

Three Tangent Circles

Proposed Problem 315.
Three Tangent circles, Common external tangent line, Geometric Mean.

Circular Segments, Inscribed Squares

Proposed Problem 316.
Circular segments and Inscribed Squares.

Elearning 317 Right triangle

Proposed Problem 317.
Right triangle and Inscribed Squares.

Elearning 318

Proposed Problem 318.
A Scalene triangle, Altitudes, Collinear points.

Triangle, Altitude

Proposed Problem 319.
Triangle, Altitudes, Perpendiculars, Collinear points.

Triangle, Circumcenter, Incenter, Excenter, Collinear

Proposed Problem 320.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Incenter, Excenter, Collinear points.

Geometry problems 291-300

Geometry problems 321-330


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