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Geometry Problems 291-300: Triangle, Circle, Square, Congruence, Similarity, Circumradius, Perpendicular, Parallel, Secant, Tangent, Chord, Intersection, Midpoint, Radius, Angle

Geometry problems 291-300


Triangle, Circle, Radius, Perpendicular

Proposed Problem 291.
Triangle, Circle, Circumradius, Perpendicular.

Circle patterns Triangle, Circle, Radius, Perpendicular

Art of Problem 291.

Conformal Mapping or Transformation of Problem 291

Conformal Mapping or Transformation of Problem 291.

Triangle, Parallel, Congruence, Similarity

Proposed Problem 292.
Triangle, Parallel, Congruence, Similarity.

Inscribed Quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 293.
Inscribed Quadrilateral, Perpendicular, Rectangle, Isosceles Right triangle, Area, Similarity.

Right Triangle Circumcenter, Excenter

Proposed Problem 294.
Right triangle, Circumcenter, Excenter, Hypotenuse, Perpendicular.

Archimedes Twin, Harmonic mean

Proposed Problem 295.
Archimedean Twin Circles, Arbelos, Semicircles, Harmonic Mean, Radii, Perpendicular.

Intersecting circles

Proposed Problem 296.
Intersecting Circles, Chord, Radius, Angle, Perpendicular.

Intersecting circles, Chord, Secant, Radius, Angle, Perpendicular

Proposed Problem 297.
Intersecting Circles, Chord, Secant, Radius, Angle, Perpendicular.

Elearning 298: Intersecting circles

Proposed Problem 298.
Intersecting Circles, Chord, Secant, Midpoint, Congruence.

Intersecting circles, Chord, Secant, Midpoint

Proposed Problem 299.
Intersecting Circles, Chord, Secant, Midpoint, Congruence.

Problem: Tangent to a circle

Proposed Problem 300.
Tangents to a circle, Secants, Square.

Geometry problems 301-310

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