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Geometry Problems 281-290: Triangle, Square, Circle, Octagon, Congruence, Isosceles, Equilateral, 90 Degrees, Circular Sector, Semicircle, Tangent, Radius, Diameter, Harmonic Mean

Geometry problems 281-290


Triangle, Angles

Problem 281.
Triangles, Angles, Isosceles, Equilateral.

Right triangle, Cevian, Perpendicular, Angles

Problem 282.
Right Triangle, Cevian, Angles, Perpendicular, Congruence.

Circular Sector

Problem 283.
Circular Sector 90 degrees, Semicircle, Circle inscribed, Radius.

Elearning 284: Circular Sector

Problem 284.
Circular Sector 90 degrees, Semicircles, Tangent, Radius.

Circula Sector, Semicircles, Circle

Problem 285.
Circular Sector 90 degrees, Semicircles, Circle, Tangent, Radius.

Octagon, Square

Problem 286.
Square, Midpoints, Octagon.

Regular Octagon 

Problem 287.
Regular Octagon.

Typography of problem 287 Regular Octagon 

Typography of Problem 287.
Using iPad Apps.

Tangent Circles, Harmonic Mean

Problem 288.
Tangent circles, Harmonic Mean, Radius, Diameter.

Tangent Circles

Problem 289.
Externally Tangent circles, Radius, Perpendicular, Tangent.

Tangent Circles, Radius

Problem 290.
Internally Tangent circles, Radius, Perpendicular, Tangent.

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