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The Lord of Sipan: Table of Content


Table of Content


Australia's first Peruvian art exhibition to open in Canberra this year
Gold of the Incas.

The Lord of Sipan.

The Lord of Sipan

The Lord of Sipan, Video

Sipan and Geometric Art

The Lord of Sipan and Geometric Art.


The Spiderman, iPad App: SymbolGram Pro

The Lord of Sipan: The Spiderman and Star Polygon.
iPad App: SymbolGram Pro.


The Lord of Sipan and Pre Inca Spiderman, Gold Neckle.


The Lord of Sipan.

The Lord of Sipan: the Spiderman.

Sechin Bajo: 5500 year-old plaza in Peru

Plaza in Peru may be the America's oldest urban site
The circular structure at the ruins of Sechin Bajo is about 5,500 years old, archaeologists report.

Cultural periods of Peru. Interactive Mind Map.

Cultural periods of Peru
Interactive mind map.

Pre-Inca Sican treasures of Peru's Pomac Forest
Pre-Inca burial site found.

Looted Peru Moche Headdress Recovered in London

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