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Cuzco, Cusco: Ancient Capital of the Inca Empire

Cuzco Golden Spiral of the Hatun Street
Harmonizing Hatun Rumiyoc Street in Cuzco: Revealing Symphonic Geometry, Golden Rectangles, and Spirals Around the Twelve-Angled Stone

Incan glory shines,
Cuzco, ancient empire's heart,
Sacred walls whisper.
Preserving history's tale,
Inca spirit lives on trail.

Cuzco (Cusco) is located at 11,200 ft. above sea level in the Andes Mountains in Southern Peru. According to Inca legend, the city was founded in the 12th century by the first Inca named Manco Capac, who was said to be the son of the sun. Archeologists believe the city was originally settled earlier by the Wari people, perhaps as long ago as the 8th century.

Four archaeological sites that surround Cuzco:

  • Sacsayhuaman Fortress, amazing and huge stone construction, this place has a great cosmic energy: that is why people think it was an astronomic observatory and an Inca oracle.

  • Q’enqo, a place that was used for worship and ceremonial center.

  • Puca Pucara,  a small red fortress

  • Tambomachay or the Inca’s bath, spring of crystalline water

"Few places on earth are as beautiful as the Peruvian Highlands. Arriving by dawn at Cuzco, the whitewashed town pulses into a golden light. It feels as if the sun is like a heart, filling the ancient Inca capital with life. The serrated brown hills around disgorge ruins. Yet while their monuments are everywhere, the vision of the people who built them is more difficult to grasp. However, such ancient sites are capable of reminding us of the diversity of human understanding." Toby Green.

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The Stone of twelve angles Puzzle: 22 pieces polygons.



The Stone of Twelve Angles. The palace Hatunrumiyoc was built by Inca Sinchi Roca, the most important thing about this palace is the Lienzo pétreo which is a beautiful wall which bends backwards, built out of dorita verde or green stone, here you will find the famous Stone of Twelve Angles. The palace was destroyed and the only part that remains perfect is this geometric wall.

See: The Stone of twelve angles Puzzle: 22 pieces polygons.

Cuzco, the Stone of twelve angles


Road Systems
. Four major roads led out from Cuzco and formed a network, which led to all near and distant territories of the Empire. 

Inca roads were vital for the empire's existence. They were set up very intricately.  Information and provisions moved quickly along to other communities.  In fact there was little risk for hunger because of these road systems.

The Inca trail to Machu Picchu is rated as one of the best trekking trails in the world offering stunning landscapes and ancient ruins with diverse ecology.


Illustrations from 1615 by The "Indian Chronicler" Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala about Cuzco.
Finding his most persuasive medium to be the visual image, he organizes his 1200-page Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (New Chronicle and Good Government) around his 398  pen-and-ink drawings, all skillfully executed by his own hand. For the archaeologist, Guaman Poma's drawings of native life under the Incas are like photographs of the past.


Royal council of these kingdoms, Qhapaq Inka Tawantin Suyu kamachikuq apukuna, the Inka lords who govern Tawantinsuyu.


Governor of the bridges of this kingdom, chaka suyuyuq.


The newly reigning Manco Inka in his ceremonial throne in Cuzco.


The city of Cuzco, principal city and royal court of the twelve Inka kings of this realm, and bishopric of the church.


Reference: Guaman Poma - 'El primer Nueva corónica y buen gobierno'.
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Cuzco. The Stone of 12 angles 

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