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Cuzco: Ancient Inca Empire Capital Map

Cuzco, also called Cusco, Qosqo and the Sacred City of the Incas, was the capital of the Inca Empire. It is at 11,254 feet over sea level and is 690 miles southeast of Lima, Peru, only an hour by air, but almost two days by car. Cuzco has plenty to see, this city has a unique architecture, history, people, and location.

Find places:

  • The Cathedral. It sits squarely on the foundations of the Inca Wiracocha's palace.

  • The Corikancha or the Sun Temple called today as Santo Domingo Church. On the Incas period, the stones of this temple were covered with gold.

  • La Compania - Church. The Company of Jesus. Inca Huayna Capac's palace.

  • Plaza de Armas. Main Square.

  • Religious Art Museum.

  • Regional History Museum. Casa Garcilazo,

  • Popular Art Museum.

  • San Blas Church.

  • Santa Catalina Church.

  • Stone of Twelve Angles. Hatunrumiyoc.

  • Hotel Monasterio. Orient Express Hotels, Trains and Cruises.

  • Temple and Convent of San Francisco.

  • Santa Clara, Temple and Convent.

  • San Cristobal.

  • Sacsayhuaman.

  • Airport Velazco Astete.

  • Train Station Puno - Arequipa.

  • Train Station to Machu Picchu.

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