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Transversal Line, Theorems and Problems - Table of Content 2

Transversal Line, Index


Geometry Problem 1497

Geometry Problem 1497.
Triangle, Transversal, Same Ratio, Proportionality, Isosceles, Double Angle.

Problem 1422

Geometry Problem 1422.
Triangle, Transversal, Cevian, Area, Measurement.

Geometry problem 1179

Geometry Problem 1179
Triangle, Centroid, Transversal, Sum of Ratios, Sides.

Geometry Problem 1062

Geometry Problem 1062.
Scalene Triangle with an angle of 60 degrees, Euler Line, Orthocenter, Circumcenter, Distance, Congruence, Transversal.

Geometry Problem 1040

Geometry Problem 1040.
Isosceles Triangle, Transversal Line, Metric Relations.

Desargues' Theorem, Triangles in Perspective

Geometry Problem 824
Desargues' Theorem, Triangles in Perspective.

Scalene Triangle with an angle of 60 degrees, Euler Line, Equilateral Triangle

Geometry Problem 761
Scalene Triangle with an angle of 60 degrees, Euler Line, Equilateral Triangle.

Parallelogram, Secant Line, Tangent Circles, Triangle

Geometry Problem 798
Parallelogram, Secant Line, Transversal, Tangent Circles, Circumcircles, Triangle.

Equilateral Triangle,Trisection, Cevian, Perpendicular

Geometry Problem 759
Equilateral Triangle, Transversal, Trisection of sides, Congruence, Angle.

Isosceles triangle, midpoint, transversal

Geometry Problem 469.
Isosceles triangle, Midpoint, Transversal, Congruence.

Quadrilateral, transversal, ratio, similarity

Geometry Problem 434.
Quadrilateral, Transversal, Ratio, Measurement, Similarity.

Quadrilateral, Midpoint diagonals

Geometry Problem 431.
Quadrilateral, Midpoints of Diagonals, Transversal.

RIght triangle, Midpoints, Distance

Geometry Problem 399.
Right triangle, Midpoints, Distance, Pythagorean theorem, Congruence.

Parallelogram, Area

Proposed Problem 398.
Parallelogram, Area, Similarity, Congruence.

Triangle, Altitude

Geometry Problem 397.
Triangle, Altitude, Midpoints, Congruence.

Square, Circle

Geometry Problem 394.
Square, 90 Degree Arc, Diagonal, Congruence.

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