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Tinkercad Mind Map

Mind Map of Tinkercad. Simplified Constructive Solid Geometry for 3D Modeling.

Prompt Engineering Mind Map 

Mind Map of Prompt Engineering.

Big Data Mind Map 

Mind Map of Big Data.

MLOps Mind Map

Exploring MLOps with a Mind Map: Discover Key Topics and Features.

R programming: R Data Import/Export Mind map

R programming: R Data Import/Export, Interactive Mind Map.
Statistical computing and graphics.

Algorithm classification Mind Map

Mind Map of Algorithm Classification with Google Books Ngram Viewer .

Mind Map: R programming

Introduction to R programming, Interactive Mind Map.
Statistical computing and graphics.

ChatGPT Applications Mind Map

Exploring Essential Topics of Machine Learning with a Mind Map.

String Art index

String Art, Geometric Patterns, Bezier Curves, Symmetry - Index.

Gephi Mind Map

Gephi Mind Map. Network analysis and visualization software.

Geometric Art: Mobil Apps 001, Software, iPad, Point, Line, Plane.

Modeling Language Mind Map

Modeling Languages Mind Map.

Programming Paradigms Mind Map

Programming Paradigms Mind Map.

Bootstrap Mind Maps Index

Bootstrap Mind Maps Index.

Software Development Mind Map

Software Development Mind Map.

R Installation and Administration Mind map

R Installation and Administration, Interactive Mind Map.
Statistical computing and graphics.

Moire Toy for iPad

Moire Toy for iPad, Moire Pattern, Index

iPad iOS 7 Mind Maps Index

iPad User Guide for iOS7 Software, Mind Maps: Index.

Data Visualization Index

Data Visualization, Index

Lorenz Stoer, 'Geometria et perspectiva', 1567, Index, Selective Colorization

Lorenz Stoer, "Geometria et perspectiva", 1567, Index, Selective Colorization.

MapReduce, Interactive Mind Map

MapReduce, Interactive Mind Map.

Business intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI), Interactive Mind Map.

iPad Apps: Geometry Designer Geometry Software

Geometry Designer for iPad, iPhone, iPod - Index
Dynamic Geometry.

Word Cloud Index

Word Cloud or Tag Cloud Index
Weighted list in visual design

GeoGebra Constructions Index

GeoGebra Constructions Index
HTML5 Animation for Tablets (iPad, Nexus..)

Jean François Niceron, 'La Perspective Curieuse', 1638

Jean François Niceron, 'La Perspective Curieuse', 1638,

Isometric for iPadd

iPad Apps: Isometric.
Hexagons, Rhombus 60-120 degrees.

Microsoft Word Cloud Index

Microsoft Word Clouds Index.

Prism HD for iPad

iPad Apps: Prism HD Index.
Exploration of real light shining through glass prisms.

Symbaloo: Gogeometry

Symbaloo: GoGeometry.
Online Free Visual Social Bookmark Organizer that lets us create and share multiple tabs for organizing all of our web links.

iOrnament for iPad

iPad Apps: iOrnament by science-to-touch, Index.
The Art of Symmetry according to the rules of the 17 crystallographic wallpaper groups.

Regular Decagon Art. iPad Apps: Spangled

iPad Apps: Spangled!.
Regular Decagon Art.

Pi Mind Map with the first 100 decimals digits. Made with TypeDrawing and Wikiweb for iPad

Pi Mind Map with the first 100 decimals digits. Made with TypeDrawing and Wikiweb for iPad.

Fractal Image with pentagons. iPad Apps: fractBG

iPad Apps: fractBG.
Fractal Image with Pentagons.

Poly for iPad

Poly for iPad.
Polygonal Art, Delaunay Triangulation.

iPad Apps: Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Meanings and syntactic of English words, Mind Mapping.
Created using Wordflex Touch Dictionary for iPad in association with Oxford University Press.

Geoboard for iPad Index

Geoboard for iPad Index.
This virtual version is an open-ended educational tool, ideal for elementary classrooms and other learning environments that use iPod Touches, iPhones, or iPads

iPad Apps: Shapes - 3D

iPad Apps: Shapes -3D (Solids Elementary HD) Index.
Solid Geometry.

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