Tia Maria Copper Mine Project, Islay, Arequipa, Peru, May 2014

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Explore the geometry of the Tia Maria Copper Mine Project, Islay, Arequipa, Peru through detailed Google satellite imagery. To Pan: click and drag the map. Take advantage of the zoom bars.

Tia Maria Copper Mine Project
The Tia Maria Project is a large copper mine located in the south of Peru in Islay, Arequipa. Tia Maria is one of the largest copper reserve in Peru and in the world having estimated reserves of 641 million tonnes of ore grading 0.39% copper.

Tia Maria copper mine project received its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study approval on Aug 1st, 2014. Geoservice Ingenierķa, a top engineering and consulting firm based in Peru, was hired by Southern Copper Corporation (Grupo Mexico) to do the EIA studies. Violent protests against a proposed project at the mine originally began in 2011[4] and a new round of protests began in March 2015.

Source: Wikipedia, Tia Maria Mine.




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