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Geometry Problems 811-820: Triangle, Circle, Quadrilateral, Square, Pitot Theorem, Arbelos, Tangent, 30 Degrees. Level: High School, College

Geometry problems 811-820


Trisecting a line segment, 4 circles

Geometry Problem 811: Trisecting a line segment.
With four circles and one line.

Circle Area, Tangent 

Geometry Problem 812.
Four Tangent Circles, Common Tangent Line, Diameter, Area, Collinear Centers.

Circle Area, Tangent 

Typography of Geometry Problem 812.

Right triangle, Excircles, Area

Geometry Problem 813.
Right Triangle Area, Excircles, Cathetus, Tangency Points, Quadrilateral Area.

Equilateral triangles, a common vertex

Geometry Problem 814.
Two Equilateral Triangles with a common Vertex, Angle.

Triangle, Incircle, Arbelos, Area

Geometry Problem 815.
Triangle, Incircle, Semicircles, Arbelos, Area.

Tangential Quadrilateral: Pitot Theorem

Geometry Problem 816.
Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilateral: Pitot Theorem.

Two Circles, Tangent Lines

Geometry Problem 817.
Two circles, Tangent Lines, Circumscribed Quadrilaterals.

Square, Triangle, Angle

Geometry Problem 818.
Square, Triangle, Angle.

Quadrilateral, Triangle, Angles

Geometry Problem 819.
Quadrilateral, Triangle, Angles, 30 degrees.

Triangle, Angles, 30 Degrees

Geometry Problem 820.
Triangle, Cevian, Angles, 30 Degrees.

Geometry problems 821-830

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