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Geometry Problems 751-760: Triangle, Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene, Parallelogram, Square, Circle Congruence, Similarity

Geometry problems 741-750


Parallelogram, COngruence, Angle Bisector

Geometry Problem 751.
Parallelogram, Congruence, Intersecting Lines, Angle Bisector.

Square, Circle, Angle

Geometry Problem 752.
Square, Circle, Tangent, Chord, Angle.

Typography of problem 752

Typography of Geometry Problem 752
Using iPad Apps.

Trisngle, Orthocenter, Ratio

Geometry Problem 753.
Triangle, Altitudes, Orthocenter, Sum of ratios.

Equilateral triangle, Perimeter

Geometry Problem 754.
Equilateral Triangle, Center, Angle, 60 Degrees, Perimeter.

Equilateral triangle, Circumcircle, Midpoint

Geometry Problem 755.
Equilateral Triangle, Circumcircle, Chord, Arc, Midpoints, Perpendicular.

Four Circles Theorem. TracenPoche

Geometry Problem 756: Four Circles Theorem
Using TracenPoche Interactive Dynamic Software.
Step-by-Step construction, Manipulation, and animation.

Equilateral Triangle, Circumcircle, Chord, Harmonic Mean

Geometry Problem 757
Equilateral Triangle, Circumcircle, Chords, a Half of Harmonic Mean

Equilateral Triangle,Trisection, Cevian, Perpendicular

Geometry Problem 758
Equilateral Triangle, Cevians, Trisection of sides, Congruence, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees

Equilateral Triangle,Trisection, Cevian, Perpendicular

Geometry Problem 759
Equilateral Triangle, Transversal, Trisection of sides, Congruence, Angle.

Isosceles Triangle, Circle, Diameter, Altitude, Chord

Geometry Problem 760
Isosceles Triangle, Circle, Diameter, Altitude, Chord, Metric relations.

Geometry problems 761-770

Geometry problems 741-750


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