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Geometry Problems 521-530: Triangle, Squares, Altitude, Rectangle, Area, Circle, Collinear, Median, Trapezoid, Measurement, Tangent, Radius, Equilateral, Circumcircle,  Congruence

Geometry problems 521-530


Triangle, Three Squares, Altitude, Area

Problem 521.
Triangle with three Squares, Altitude, Rectangle, Area.

Geometry Problem: Right triangle, Circle, Tangent

Problem 522.
Right Triangle, Circle, Diameter, Tangent.

Tangent Circles

Problem 523.
Tangent Circles, Diameter Perpendicular, Collinearity.

Circle with equilateral triangles

Problem 524.
Circle, Equilateral Triangles, Midpoint, Side, Measurement.

Circle, Tangent, Diameter, Radius, Congruence

Problem 525.
Circles, Diameter, Tangent, Radius, Congruence, Measurement.

Equilateral triangle, Circumcircle

Problem 526.
Equilateral Triangle, Circumcircle, Chord, Measurement.

Circle, Tangent, Secant, Midpoint

Problem 527.
Circle, Tangent, Secant, Chord, Midpoint, Measurement.

Art of problem 527

Art and typography of problem 527.

Triangle, Medians, Perpendicular

Problem 528.
Triangle, Medians, Perpendicular, Measurement.

Right Trapezoid, Circle, Diameter

Problem 529.
Right Trapezoid, Circle, Diameter.

Cyclic quadrilateral, Diagonal, Diameter

Problem 530.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Diagonal, Diameter, Perpendicular, Congruence.

Geometry problems 531-540

Geometry problems 511-520


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