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Geometry Problems 351-360: Rhombus, Incircles, Common tangent, Tangential quadrilateral, Incircle, Inradii, 45 Degrees, Concyclic, Circle, Square, Area, Triangle, 80-80-20 Degrees


Geometry problems 351-360


Rhombus, Circumscribable quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 351.
Rhombus, Incircles, Common tangent, Circumscribable or Tangential quadrilateral.


Tangential quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 352.
Tangential quadrilateral, Incircles, Common tangent, Circumscribable or Tangential quadrilateral.


Tangential quadrilateral, Incircle, Inradius

Proposed Problem 353.
Tangential quadrilateral, Diagonals, Incircles, Inradii.


Rhombus, Square 

Proposed Problem 354.
Rhombus, Square, 45 degrees.


Circles, Tangent, Concyclic points

Proposed Problem 355.
Circles, Common external tangent, Concyclic points.


Square, Triangle, Area

Proposed Problem 356.
Square, Point inside, Triangles, Area.


Square, Exterior point, Triangle, Area

Proposed Problem 357.
Square, Exterior point, Triangles, Area.


Isosceles triangle 80 80 20

Proposed Problem 358.
Isosceles triangle 80-80-20, Circle, Angles, Congruence.


Cyclic quadrilateral, Rhombus

Proposed Problem 359.
Cyclic quadrilateral, Angle bisector, Rhombus.


Area of Triangle, Circles, Diameters

Proposed Problem 360.
Area of a triangle, Curvilinear triangles, Circles, Diameters.


Geometry problems 361-370

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