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Geometry Problems 221-230: Isosceles, Equilateral triangle, Trapezoid, Regular Polygon, Viviani's theorem, Altitude, Distances, Apothem, Centroid, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Transversal.


Geometry problems 221-230


Viviani's theorem I

Proposed Problem 221. Viviani's theorem, Equilateral triangle, Interior point, Altitude, Distances.


Viviani theorem, Equilateral triangle, exterior point

Proposed Problem 222. Viviani's theorem, Equilateral triangle, Exterior point, Altitude, Distances.


Viviani theorem, Isosceles triangle

Proposed Problem 223. Viviani's theorem, Isosceles triangle, Altitude, Distances.


Viviani theorem, isosceles triangle, extension on the base

Proposed Problem 224. Viviani's theorem, Isosceles triangle, Altitude, Distances, Point on the extension of the base.


Viviani theorem extension, regular polygon

Proposed Problem 225. Viviani's Theorem Extension, Regular Polygon, Apothem, Distance.


Problem 226: Triangle, Centroid

Proposed Problem 226. Triangle, Centroid, Perpendicular lines.


Elearn 227: Triangle, Centroid

Proposed Problem 227. Triangle, Centroid, Exterior line, Perpendicular lines.


Elearn 228: Triangle, Midpoint

Proposed Problem 228. Triangle, Midpoints, Exterior line, Perpendiculars lines.


Elearn 229: Triangle, Centroid, Transversal

Proposed Problem 229. Triangle, Centroid, Transversal, Perpendicular lines.


Elearn 230: Triangle, Midpoint, Transversal

Proposed Problem 230. Triangle, Midpoints, Transversal, Perpendicular lines.


Geometry problems 221-230

Puzzle Geometry Problems 221 - 230.
22 Piece Polygons.


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