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The nine-point circle of any triangle is tangent internally to the incircle at a point called the Feuerbach point.
The figure below shows a triangle ABC with the nine point circle and incircle tangent internally at point F, called the Feuerbach point.

Apollonius iPad Apps: Feuerbach Point, Incircle, Nine point circle, triangle

Apollonius for iPad: Feuerbach Point
I drew the geometric construction above using Apollonius for iPad.

Apollonius is an interactive geometry app (IGS, or Dynamic Geometry Environment, DGE). It allows you to create geometric constructions, such as those that can be made using a ruler and a compass, and subsequently move parts of your constructions to explore the relationship between the geometric objects on the screen.

Apollonius is inspired by software such as GeoGebra, The Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri, but its interface is especially designed for touch screen.


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