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Studies reveal genetic links between Pre-Inca Mochicas and Japanese

Mochicas and Japanese DNA

A study of ancient reveals an interesting finding. The second phase of the research will analyze the DNA of the descendants.

"To confirm the ties that existed between the people of Lambayeque, Peru and citizens of other parts of the ancient world, Dr. Ken-Ichi Shinoda conducted during three years, a series of DNA analysis, with support from U.S. laboratories, under the coordination of the head of the Archaeological Project Sicán, Izumi Shimada.

The results of DNA tests are impressive, they are used to understand the relationship that existed between lambayecanos who lived 1100 years ago in Pomac, and people of Ecuador, Colombia, Siberia, Taiwan and even a Japanese town called Aino, which is considered part of the ancient culture of Japan.

According to the director of the National Museum of Sican Ferreñafe, Carlos Elera, samples for testing in the laboratory were taken from the remains of human bodies found in the East Tomb and West Tomb, including the Lord of Sican, which were excavated in the El Oro huaca of the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary.

The results of the studies will be presented at an exhibit on the Sican culture that will be set up for a year at the Tokyo Museum of Science and Nature. "
Source: El Comercio, January 8, 2009 by Wilfredo Sandoval.