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Moray: Signs of intelligent life: alien or Incan?

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Cuzco, Moray


Moray, Cuzco

Moray is an experimental Incan seedbed of staggering complexity. It features three sets of circular terraces, each calibrated to a different temperature, many of which contain rocks and soils specifically transported to the site so the Incans could study how the seeds were affected by these minute changes.

Its series of terraces, which can be easily scaled with the use of built-in stairs, are one of the greatest agricultural wonders of the ancient world. But for years insufficient research and hasty conclusions have clouded the site with misconceptions.

The study of Incan culture has been plagued for years by people who consider their famous stonework and mountaintop ruins too advanced for a Pre-Columbian culture.

Source: Indiana Daily Student Indiana Daily Student by Julianne Clifton, Sep 24, 2009.

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