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Why were the Nazca Lines made?

Earth etched in the sand,
Nazca Lines' purpose unknown,
Ancient mystery.

Nazca Lines

All over the thirty miles and more of desert where ground-drawings can be found, these show always the same basic forms. The same kind of quadrangles, triangles, zigzag- and oscillating lines on large and small scales, the same starlike centres can be found everywhere, on vast plains. They are one single creation and are, together with the animal figures, quantitatively and qualitatively the most outstanding of all works by ancient Peruvians." Maria Reiche, Mystery on the desert.

Scientists made some researches about the lines, which were found in Peru, in 1926 by two archeologists near Nazca town and which are like triangle, quadrangle, spiral and animal shapes. Some of them claimed that, some of the lines mark the solstice of winter and summer, and some of them claim that, they are a giant calendar. Some scientists and adventurous claim that, these lines were made for UFO's.

 Here are some theories:

  • Astronomical observatory: Many of the lines point to constellations and can be tied to solstices and equinoxes.

  • Water: The desert-dwelling Nascans obsessed about water, and the lines could map underground sources.

  • Labyrinths: Each figure is constructed from a single line, so they could be walked during ceremonies.

  • Sports stadium: The Nazcans were great athletes, the thinking goes. Maybe the lines were running tracks.

  • For tribute: The markings can be seen only from the air, making them messages to the gods.

  • UFO landing strips:  Erich Von Daniken popularized this theory with his best-selling book Chariots of the Gods?

  • To measure rainfall.

  • Areas for rituals and sacrifices of animals.

  • A memorial area for the Great Flood. Every culture has it's own Flood Myth, and this could be their tribute to the flood

  • They are markers for underground waterflow. The lines were representations of flow pressure, direction, etc.

  • They were used for dowsing purposes.

  • Each figure could be markings of different clans around the Nazca plains.

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