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Japanese archaeologist believes that the Nazca lines showed links between villages

Photo Credit: Yamagata University  

Japanese Professor sees ancient politics, rituals in Nazca Lines
By Yoshitaka Tsujimoto / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer
Posted October 24, 2014
Source: The Japan News

The mysterious Nazca Lines in southern Peru might have been drawn to show connections between villages in the area, according to a new theory proposed by a Yamagata University professor who has been studying them since 2004.

Masato Sakai, a specialist in Andean archaeology, thinks the straight lines, which make up a large majority of the Nazca Lines, were a way of showing connections between villages in the area and that the animal designs, which include hummingbirds and monkeys, served different purposes depending on their age.

Sakai and his research team from the university have been working to gradually reveal why these designs may have been created.

The team has used satellite photos to discover new designs and attempted to create large images based on step-counts from original drawings, helping to solve a variety of mysteries.

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Professor sees ancient politics, rituals in Nazca Lines, News


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