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Inca Trail and Huinay Huayna

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Amazing view of the Andes, as seen from the  final campsite at Huinay Huayna.

The last ruin before reaching Machu Picchu is Huinay Huayna that has marvelous terraces topped by a small city. At the farthest point in the main complex of the ruin there is an incredible perch. You could sit on the edge of this outcrop and be dazzled. Look right and there is a waterfall. Look left and there is the snowy Andes in the distance. Look down and you'd receive the jungle far, far below. It felt amazing and I lit up a joint.

The site is named after an orchid (Epidendrurn crassilabiuma E. Secundrum) with red, violet or yellow flowers, that was once abundant in this area, and is still to be seen. The plant blooms year-round, hence the Quechua name, which means "forever young".

Huinay Huayna ruins are almost as spectacular, and certainly as well constructed, as Machu Picchu.

The Lost City of Machu Picchu is without doubt the most recognizable symbol of Inca Civilization. "The Inca Trail", as it is known now, was the Royal Highway that led pilgrims and officials of the Empire to the Sacred City of the Incas.


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Last updated: November 16, 2007