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Pythagoras curiosity. Online tutoring.

The Pythagorean Curiosity Triangles and squares, fifteen conclusions.
Parallel lines.

Triangle Square Theorem 1. Elearning, Online Tutoring

Triangle and Squares Theorem 1: with Interactive Geometry Software
Step-by-Step construction, Manipulation, and animation.
Parallel lines.

Quadrilateral Area, Elearning.

Proposed Problem 98. Quadrilateral Area, Centroid, Similarity.
Parallel lines.

Elearning 97

Proposed Problem 97. Similar Triangles, Areas, Parallel lines.

Elearning 96

Proposed Problem 96. Similar Triangles, Incenters, Parallelogram, Parallel lines.

Problem 95, Elearning

Proposed Problem 95. Similar Triangles, Inradii, Parallel lines.

Problem 94, Elearning

Proposed Problem 94. Similar Triangles, Circumcircles, Circumradii, Parallel lines.

Elearning 93 Parallelogram

Proposed Problem 93. Similar Triangles, Circumcircles, Parallelogram, Parallel lines.

Elearning Problem 92

Proposed Problem 92. Similar Triangles, Circumcircles, Circumradii, Parallel, Parallel lines.

Elearning 91

Proposed Problem 91. Similar Triangles, Altitude, Parallel lines.

Taylor Circle Theorem Using TracenPoche Dynamic Software
Step-by-Step construction, Manipulation, and animation
, Parallel lines.
Henry Martyn Taylor and the blind student of mathematics

Proposed Problem 78: Angles of a Circle. Perpendicular and parallel lines, Midpoint, Diameter, Chord, Cyclic quadrilateral, Congruence.

Math Problem 77 Angles

Proposed Problem 77: Angles of a Circle. Parallel lines, Cyclic quadrilateral.

Proposed Problem 76: Area of a Circle. Square, Circle, Circular Sector, Parallel lines.

Interactive Orthopole of a Triangle: Using TracenPoche Dynamic Geometry Software, Online Step-by-Step construction, manipulation, and animation, Parallel lines.

Proposed Problem 72: Intersecting Circles. Cyclic quadrilateral, Chords, Parallel lines.


Proposed Problem 70: Squares inscribed in a triangle, Similarity.
Parallel lines.

Proposed Problem 69: Square inscribed in a triangle, Similarity.
Parallel lines.

Proposed Problem 62: Square Diagonal, Inscribed Circle, Parallel lines.

Sangaku Geometry Theorem: Cyclic Quadrilateral. Inradii, Rectangle, Parallel lines.

Hinged tessellation, Dynamic geometry

Interactive Hinged tessellation. Square tessellation - Dynamic Geometry.
Please be patient while the applet loads on your computer. This Java applet requires Java 1.3 or higher.
Parallel lines.

Triangle and Squares 22
Parallel lines. 

Triangle and Squares 20
Parallel lines.

News: Infants Are Able To Detect The 'Impossible' At An Early Age

Proposed Problem 49. Angles and right triangle, Parallel lines.

Triangle and Squares 17, Parallel lines.

Problem 39. Triangle, Incircle, Bisector, Cyclic Quadrilateral and angles, Parallel lines.

Proposed Problem 29.
Right Triangle, altitude, incircle and inradius
, Parallel lines. Ten conclusions.

Heron's Formula with medians 
Parallel lines.

Proposed Problem 27
Right Triangle, incircles and inradius
, Parallel lines.

Eyeball Theorem: Animated Angle to Geometry Study.
Parallel lines.

Proposed problem 20
Right Triangle
, Parallel lines, incircles and inradii.

Parallelogram with Squares theorem Thébault's Theorem.

Kurschak's Tile and Theorem. Jozsef Kurschak (Hungary, 1864-1933) An elegant and a purely geometric way of finding the area of a regular dodecagon.

Varignon and Wittenbauer parallelograms. Quadrilateral: midpoints and trisection points of the edges, Parallel lines.


Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

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