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Obtuse Triangle Index


Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

Euclid's Elements, Book II, Proposition 12

Euclid's Elements Book II, Proposition 12: Law of Cosines.
Obtuse triangle.

Feuerbach Theorem, Obtuse Triangle illustration.
Obtuse triangle.

Pythagoras curiosity. Online tutoring.

The Pythagorean Curiosity Triangles and squares, fifteen conclusions.
Several obtuse triangles.

Geometry Problem 1033

Geometry Problem 1033.
Triangle, Angle Obtuse, Circumcircle, Diameter, Area.

Triangle, 120 degrees, angle bisectors

Proposed Problem 368.
Obtuse Triangle, 120 degrees, Angle bisectors, Perpendicular.

Triangle area, Circle, Curvilinear triangle

Proposed Problem 364.
Obtuse triangle, Congruence, Circles, Diameter, Curvilinear triangle, Area.

Area of a triangle

Proposed Problem 322.
Square, Inscribed circle, Tangent, Triangle area.
Obtuse triangle.

Triangle and angle bisector of 120 degrees

Proposed Problem 304.
Triangle, Angle bisector of 120 degrees. Obtuse triangle.

Elearn 212: 120 degree triangle, area

Proposed Problem 212. 120 Degree Triangle, Equilateral triangles, Areas.
Obtuse triangle.

Problem: Triangle, Altitude, Angles

Proposed Problem 199. Triangle, Quadrilateral, Angles.

Area of Square and triangle, Elearning.

Proposed Problem 112. Area of square and obtuse triangle.

Obtuse triangle 

Problem 47. Obtuse Triangle, median, and angles.

Obtuse triangle 

Problem 46. Obtuse Triangle, median, and angles.

Obtuse triangle

Problem 14. Obtuse Triangle, median, and angles.

Obtuse triangle

Problem 1. Obtuse Triangle, median and angles.



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