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Geometry: Hexagons, Theorems and Problems - Table of Content 3

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Sangaku Problem (An Old Japanese Theorem). Inradii, Carnot's theorem.

Proposed Problem 61: Triangle, Trisection of Sides

Marion Walter's Theorem

Proposed Problem 122. Marion Walter's Theorem. Area of triangle and Hexagon, Trisection of Sides.

Elearning 125: Area

Proposed Problem 125. Area of Triangle, Star, Trisection of Sides.

Kurschak's Tile and Theorem. Jozsef Kurschak (Hungary, 1864-1933) An elegant and a purely geometric way of finding the area of a regular dodecagon.
A regular dodecagon inscribed in a unit circle has area 3.

Hexagon and Lissajous Art  

Machu Picchu and the Flower of Life

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