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Geometry Expressions: Symbolic System Software

I have used Geometry Expressions to visualize the Archimedean Twins above and check out a variety of conjectures. Geometry Expressions is the world's first Interactive Symbolic Geometry System. This means: Geometric figures can be defined by either Symbolic Constraints or numeric locations.

You can download Geometry Expressions 2 Free Trial. It is a fully featured 30 day evaluation copy of the software. All constraints, constructions and measurements are available for you to use.



The School of Athens



Geometry Expressions Mind Map

Geometry Expressions Help. Interactive Mind Map.


Sangaku Geometry Theorem: Cyclic Quadrilateral. Inradii, Rectangle.


Apollonius' Problem for Three Circles Illustration with animation and sound.


Sawayama -Thebault's theorem


Seven Circles Theorem.
Step by Step illustration of this beautiful theorem.


Mittenpunkt Point


Proposed Problem 57 

Proposed Problem 57: Angle bisector, circles Cyclic Quadrilateral.


Proposed Problem 56 

Proposed Problem 56: Angle bisector, circles Parallel Lines.


Proposed Problem 55 

Proposed Problem 55: Angle bisector, circles Cyclic Quadrilateral.


Geometry problem: angle bisector, circles, midpoint of arc 

Proposed Problem 54: Angle bisector, circles Midpoint of arc.


Geometry problem: angle bisector, circles 

Proposed Problem 53: Angle bisector, circles


Sangaku Proposed Problem 41. "Mickey Mouse."
Three circles, tangents, radii.



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