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Tangent Circles, Theorems and Problems: Table of Content 6/8

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Mascheroni: Intersecting circles

Mascheroni Construction with compass alone. Midpoint of a segment.
Intersecting circles.
Tangent circles.

Elearn 213 Triangle Inradius, Common Tangents

Proposed Problem 213. Triangle, Incircle, Inradius, Semicircles, Common Tangents.  

Elearning 190 tangent circles, chord, perpendicular

Proposed Problem 190. Tangent circles, Tangent chord, Perpendicular, Distance.

Circle tangent externally, trapezoid, area

Proposed Problem 180. Externally Tangent circles, Common External Tangents, Areas.

Geometry Problem 145. Elearning Triangle

Proposed Problem 145. Four Triangles, Incircle, Tangent and Parallel to Side, Incenters, Circumcenters. Tangent circles. 

Geometry problem 143

Proposed Problem 143. Four Triangles, Incircle, Tangent and Parallel to Side, Circumradii. Tangent circles. 

Circle area problem. Elearning 100

Proposed Problem 100. Circle Area, Archimedes' Book of Lemmas. Tangent circles.

Circle area and Pythagoras

Proposed Problem 99: Circle Area, General Extension to Pythagoras' Theorem.

Problem 94, Elearning

Circumcircles or circumscribed circle
Proposed Problem 94. Similar Triangles, Circumcircles, Circumradii. Tangent circles.

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