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Rossing Uranium Mine
Rossing, the world's longest running open pit uranium mine and the third largest producer of uranium oxide globally, is situated in Namibia, south-western Africa and started operations in 1976. It is located close to the town of Arandis 70 kilometers inland from the coastal town of Swakopmund in the Namib Desert in the Erongo Region in Namibia. Walvis Bay, Namibia’s only deepwater harbour is 30 kilometers south of Swakopmund.

Discovered in 1928, the Rössing mine started operations in 1976 and, in 2005, produced 3,711 tonnes of uranium oxide, becoming the fifth-largest uranium mine with 8 per cent of global output. Namibia is the world's fourth-largest exporter of uranium.

Shares in the mine are owned 69% by the Rio Tinto Group, 15% by the Government of Iran (purchased in 1976), 10% by IDC of South Africa, 3% by the Government of Namibia (with 51% of voting rights), and 3% by local individual shareholders. Source: Wikipedia, Rossing Uranium Mine

Uranium is a silvery-white metallic chemical element in the actinide series of the periodic table with atomic number 92. It is assigned the chemical symbol U. A uranium atom has 92 protons and 92 electrons, of which 6 are valence electrons.

The uranium nucleus binds between 141 and 146 neutrons, establishing six isotopes, the most common of which are U-238 (146 neutrons) and U-235 (143 neutrons). All isotopes are unstable and uranium is weakly radioactive.

Uranium has the second highest atomic weight of the naturally occurring elements, lighter only than plutonium-244. Its density is about 70% higher than that of lead, but not as dense as gold or tungsten.

It occurs naturally in low concentrations of a few parts per million in soil, rock and water, and is commercially extracted from uranium-bearing minerals such as uraninite. Source Wikipedia, Uranium.





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