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300-tonne Euclid AC Electric Drive Dumper with Trolley assist - Video

Video Description
This is a 300-tonne Euclid AC electric drive dumper with trolley assist. Going uphill the truck hooks into the main grid and gets a boost; coming down, it hooks into the grid and through regenerative braking puts electricity back into the grid. Source:

Euclid Truck
The Euclid Company of Ohio was a company specialized in heavy equipment for earthmoving, namely dump trucks and wheel tractor-scrapers, that operated from the United States of America from the 1920s to the 1950s, then it was purchased and converted into a section of General Motors and later on by Hitachi, Ltd. Source: Wikipedia: Euclid Trucks.

Between 1985 and 1998 the Euclid rigid hauler product line were a part of Volvo Construction Equipment: CH120, CH150, R25, R32, R35, R36, R40, R40C, R50, R60, R60C, R65, R65C, R85, R85B, R90, R90C, R100, R120E, R130, R130M, R130B, R150, R170, R190, R220, R260. Source:




  Euclid mining truck trolley


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